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Design Tools

Learn the process of building a website and the various tools you can use. In this class you will explore the planning tools, text editors, authoring software, online tools and content management systems used by web designers. You will learn to apply your knowledge of HTML and CSS code to use these tools to build a website step-by-step.
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HTML & CSS : Level 1

Use the latest version of HTML to create the content of a web page with text, images and hyperlinks. Then enhance the look and feel of your website using cascading style sheets to modify page text and layout through hands-on practice in the classroom. You will be introduced to the current coding standards and how to make pages work in today’s environment. By the end of class you will be able to create and style a basic web page.
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HTML & CSS : Level 2

Build on the skills learned in HTML and CSS: Level 1 to develop more advanced web pages. You'll explore additional features for creating web pages, including creating and modifying tables; setting up forms; adding multimedia; validating code and publishing your site. You will learn to apply advanced CSS techniques to enhance the appearance and usability of your website. At the end of this class you will be able to create and style more advanced web pages.
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Web Design Certificate Capstone

This last required class in the Web Design Certificate Program helps prepare students for their final presentation. Combine all the elements in your prior classes as you complete your website. Each session has a focus in the development of your site. Please review the complete course description online to prepare for the first session. The final session is your site presentation.
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