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Web 110

Mechanics of web page production starting with the absolute basics. Topics include: document structure, text elements, list elements, links, tables, framesets and images. Focuses on creating X/HTML files by hand with emphasis placed on browser compatibility and X/HTML validation.
PREREQ: MIC 101 w/ 2.0 or higher or ability to use MS Office.
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Web 120

Course covers intermediate to advanced elements of web page/site development and production and introduces basic Dreamweaver features and its FTP tool. Topics include a review of WEB 110 FTP, directory structure and file management basics; HTML(5) document structure, hierarchy, tags, and attributes, W3C validator, accessible, optimized web elements/pages; intermediate to advanced CSS techniques for text formatting, page layout and responsive design; introduce basic PHP server-side php includes and conditional statements; introduce very basic Javascript and JQuery concepts; form objects, SEO and SMO fundamentals and more.
PREREQ: WEB 110 w/ 2.0 or higher or instructor permission.
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